Mlfs on linechat Our commitment to you and your childThe Rocking Horse Nursery has been part of the community of Greenisland since 1992. In 2006 we opened a separate after school house called The Play Station.We encourage prospective parents to make an appointment to have a good look round the nursery. We are delighted when a family chooses to let us be a part of their family life and we know the great trust that is needed to be happy in leaving their little one with us.We value the strong relationships we have with our families. Parents can pop in for a private chat at any time.It is important that we provide every child with a warm secure caring and nurturing environment in which they will grow up to become happy and confident young people in their own right.To ensure the smooth running of the nursery we always have a manager from 7.30am right through the day as well as our staff team of supervisors and assistants.The Rocking Horse Nursery 61 Station RoadGreenislandBT38 8UPT 028 9085 3

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Ladykarame.com By Br. Geo. W. Bullamore.IN any collection of Masonic glass pottery or other curios a number are usually to be found on which the straw beehive or skep as it is technically termed occurs as a decoration. If the young Mason enquires of his brethren what the beehive has to do with Masonry he is usually informed that the bee or beehive represents Industry and was used with that significance by our Masonic forerunners.As a beekeeper this explanation made no great appeal to me. The industry of the bee suggests itself on a fine day to the casual observer with no knowledge of bees. More remarkable characteristics pass unnoticed and the lesson is also unsatisfactory.The system of beekeeping that formerly prevailed in this country when the production of honey was a necessity depended on an increase in the number of colonies. The surplus colonies were killed off in the autumn for their stores of honey. Those with the most honey as well as those with the least were sacrificed so that Industry carried with it certain disadvantages. This aspect of affairs was noticed by Shakespeare who wroteWe bring it to the hive and like the beesAre murdered for our pains.2 Henry IV. iv. 4.A writer in the Universal Magazine for May 1800 thus moralisesThus for another to toil Thy master waits till thy work is done Till the latest flowers of the ivy are gone And then he will

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